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Premises Liability


Premises Liability

Premises liability law typically focuses on any accidents or injuries that result from hazardous conditions on commercial or privately owned property.  At Goudie & Kohn, our Tampa-area attorneys focus only on the cases in which violent crimes were caused by unsafe conditions, usually on the property of major companies and corporations.  The law requires these property owners to ensure safe grounds for patrons or citizens, and they should be held accountable for any criminal assaults on their estate.  It is inexcusable that any violent crime should happen on company or public grounds, especially when due to negligence or insufficient security and surveillance on site.

In past years, juries around the country have returned favorable verdicts for victims of violent crimes on premises.  For instance, of the 10,000 claims filed against hotels in these cases, the average return was over $1,000,000.

You have a right to safety

We believe in your right to safety and compensation, and we have no fear about going after the people and companies responsible.  For example:

  • After a man was robbed at an ATM, we were not afraid to tackle a major national bank for their failure to provide adequate security to its customers
  • When a man was shot in a nightclub parking lot, we targeted the club itself, the property manager of the parking lot, and the property owners for restitution
  • A girl was shot in an apartment complex and Lyann Goudie achieved successful results (see Newsroom for details)

There is no excuse for criminal assaults to occur as a result of negligence, and we will hold everyone involved with the grounds’ security responsible.

Representing victims of violent crime

If you are a victim of a violent crime in a parking lot, residence, place of business or publicly owned property, do not talk to your insurance company before you speak with us.  The quicker you have an attorney on your side, the quicker the investigation can begin, and the freshest evidence will be collected.  You and your family have the right to zealous representation with Goudie & Kohn, and our successes show that we have the expertise to win your case.

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